• At our exclusive heifer sale events, all the heifers will be sold in groups of five or less. They will be organized, sorted, and sold by due date, phenotype, SMS tagged, AI or natural service, and fetal sex (AI only).

  • The winning bidder of a group will have the option to buy the remaining group(s) of the same type.

  • Example: There are 13 black, SimAngus, AI bred heifers due February 3, 2017, carrying bull calves. In this case, the heifers would be sorted in two groups of 5 each and one group of 3. The winning bidder of the first group of 5 will have the option to purchase the 2nd and 3rd groups at the same price. If the winning bidder chooses to only buy the first group, then bidding will start over with the 2nd group and that buyer will have the option to purchase the remaining 3 at the same price.

  • As a consignor to other events, our cattle will be sorted comparably, but adhere to the venue's stated management day of sale.