Heifer Buyer - Greg Roesner  

Heifer Buyer - Matt Bahnsen (letter and video)

We bought heifers from Rich six years ago...and we've been buying ever since. Rich has done a really good job of selecting the right kind of females for our commercial operation because he has what a lot of people in the cattle business don't – Rich has a business plan. He knows what he wants to accomplish and gets it done. We rely on his expertise to choose quality heifers with stayability, good structure and ones that are always docile!

The very first heifers we bought from Deer Creek Cattle Company were South Devon crosses that are still in our herd today. We wanted heifers that would stick with us. Those DC3 females are highly fertile, make excellent mothers and give the right amount of milk to be able to breed back well. My wife Paige loves them! As a result, Rich's genetics have propelled our cow herd in regards to stayability, fertility and certainly docility. Rarely do we have one calve outside of a 60-day calving period. That original set of females we purchased from Rich, just had all of their calves within 30 days. As a result, our herd is more uniform too.

Rich has a pretty good eye and he has the commercial cattleman in mind. He's knowledgeable, keeps good records and can tell you everything you want to know about his heifers. That's pretty important.

Cattle Producer - Jay Price

Livestock Specialist - Al Kennett