Deer Creek Cattle Company, LLC began as a standard cow/calf operation, with a focus on heifer development. We ran approximately 250 mama cows and developed 300-400 heifers per year. Some of the heifers were raised in our herd while others were purchased. We sold our entire cow herd in a dispersal sale in February, 2015 and are now concentrating all of our efforts on heifer development.

There is a lot of opportunity in the beef business today, but building alliances with trusted partners is the key to success. Our expertise lies in procuring replacement heifers from reputation herds then developing and breeding them to go to work. We are established with partners who have earned respect for producing high quality cattle year in and year out. These producers are at the top of their game when it comes to genetics, fertility, stayability, herd health and performance in the feed lot. We believe these are the attributes that will bring added value to your herd. As a result, our goal at DC3 is to become your trusted partner and liaison for obtaining superior replacement heifers.

In our mission, key emphasis is placed on fertility and productivity with the following top of mind: 

* Genetics - we try to buy heifers from reputation herds with known herd sires. To the extent possible, we prefer to buy heifers that have been AI sired themselves. 

* Consistency - we like to secure heifers from the same producers year after year so that cattlemen purchasing heifers from us each year can, overtime, develop a more uniform herd and then become more profitable by being able to sell a more  uniform set of calves.

*Docility - if they're not gentle, we don't want them; you don't want them. Period!

* Heterosis - all the research suggests a cross-bred cow remains more fertile and will therefore stay in the herd longer. We try to buy heifers that are cross-bred. Most of the heifers we offer will be 1/8 to 1/4 Simmental (both black and red).

* ​Structure/Type - we screen for heifers that are structurally sound with good feet, legs, and udders. We want a heifer that will weigh approximately 1350 lbs. as a mature cow, has a lot of capacity to digest forage, and has easy-fleshing ability. 

* Environment - we've learned from experience that heifers need to be raised on grass, in fescue country.They need to have a slick hair coat in order to be able to tolerate our hot, humid summer weather. 

* Herd health - we insist that the heifers we purchase have been vaccinated and boostered as needed.

* Age - all the heifers we purchase will calve at two years of age.