The Owner

Deer Creek Cattle Company, LLC is owned and operated by Richard Vehige. Rich and his wife, Carolyn, have seven children and 18 grandchildren. Both Carolyn and Rich grew up on farms in Lincoln County, Missouri.

Rich's background is not typical of most cattlemen. He went to work for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company after graduating from college with the intention of farming on a part time basis. However, his career demanded more of his attention than expected. Rich spent 30 years in various positions with the company, including 10 years as an executive.

Although he never lived on a farm all those years, Rich never got very far away from it. While living in St. Louis, he often helped his father on the family farm in Lincoln County. When he and his family were transferred to Texas, he bought a small ranch and raised Brahman cattle.

He retired in 1998 and formed Deer Creek Farms which eventually became Deer Creek Cattle Company, LLC.

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